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Rogue Robot Games & Comics

About Us

Rogue Robot is downtown Duluth’s source for geeky hobbies: comics, board games, miniature games and paints, RPGs, and more.

We have a huge game room with 15 large tables for over 362 feet of table space, plus a pool table. This includes two tables dedicated specifically to Warhammer, with shelves of terrain available for use. We use all that space to run events such as weekly Magic and HeroClix tournaments, board game nights, Munchkin nights, Warhammer tournaments and demos, and casual gaming nights. Our game room is open to the public for casual use at any time, and we carry lots of drinks and snacks to keep you fueled while you play.

Sign up for a pull list to receive a free bag and board with each comic! Pull lists are a great way to make sure you get every new issue of your favorite titles -- just give us a list and we’ll hold them for you to pick up once a week, once a month or whenever it’s convenient for you.